Wednesday, 4 May 2016

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Weekly News
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Name: Mr. Karangaroa Year Level: Yr22
Title of News Report
Trubridge breaks world record.
Web Address:
What were the main points? (Summarizing)
William Trubridge is a NZ freediver.
He broke the world record for free diving. He 122m in the bahamas.
His lungs shrunk while he was diving.
His heart slowed to 25beats per minute.
It took him 4 mins to do the dive.
What did I learn? (Clarifying)
William Trubridge is a NZ freediver who broke his own world record.
He swam 122m in the bahamas.
He has 16 world records and he beat his last record of 121m.
Freediving is one of the most dangerous sports in the world.
What questions do I now have? (Questioning)
Who is the #2 freediver in the world?
Other Comments:
He was born 24 May 1980
He was born in the UK but moved to NZ when he was 18months old.

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